Tuesday, November 16, 2010

moonwalking motherfucker

I love the sun but it can be a bit of a cunt at times. It tickles your pickle with a few welcomed rays of photonic energy and once it has you it sends you off into dreamy slumber where every Victoria’s Secret model is your cum slave and anal is high on their priority list. Of course, this doesn’t last. You wake up, the sun is gone and you’ve been skin fucked.
Lets break it down with an analogy:

The warm welcome = man with candy
You = the kid
Photonic energy = flunitrazepam (rohypnol)
Slumber & dream = an hour of nothing but you and a man who has had no luck with women and instead of improving his game has decided, "Fuck it... kids are on, where's the candy at."
Moral of this story. If you see a middle aged man offering sugary treats to kids, moonwalk up to that motherfucker and beat him as near to death as possible. For those who think it might be his way of being nice, it’s not. That shit is not fucking normal. Keep beating.
p.s. the reason for my ragging on the sun... I'm burnt as fuck. Hence the whole it's a cunt thing.

p.p.s. no reason for hating on kiddy preds. I just generally find sex with kids disgusting... I'm weird like that.